Affordable Intelligent Home WiFi Management

While, most other WiFi management services today are seemingly purpose built and focus on particular use cases, e.g. Parental Controls, cyber security, meshing and signal extenders – they call for some or the other form of special hardware requirement making it not so affordable for the common home user. JustiFi is a simplified software solution that brings the best of all the features you’d ever need to safely and simply manage your network that can be run on almost any commonly available router and its cost effective prepaid subscription model helps home users to enjoy the benefits without any overcharged upfront costs. Every control is less than 1-2 steps setup. From scheduling your kids screen time to guest access to change of passwords or addition of a new IoT or smart device. All under two clicks!

Justifi Home (R)

Run it on Any Router

Vendor agnostic solution
Compatible on over 50+ router models
JustiFi Enterprise F4

Full Network Visibility

Single dashboard to view all connected devices in your network
Integrated view for all IoT and Smart home controls
JustiFi Home F1

Fair Usage of Bandwidth

Manage Bandwidth and QoS for individual at user, device and application levels
JustiFi Home F2

Manage Guest Access

Easily assign and expire guest access codes
Set Guest access policies and bandwidth allowance
JustiFi Enterprise F3

Intrusion Prevention

Auto detect Rogue devices
Prevent Malware, Blacklist content, Adware
Justifi Enterprise (R)

Cloud Managed

Access your home network from anywhere in the world through the web portal or Mobile App
JustiFi Home F3

Network wide WiFi Performance

View network wide Signal strength and device performance
Auto suggest optimum channel and Manage coverage and wifi capacity
Manage SSID and passwords and Home Wide WiFi Meshing
JustiFi Enterprise F2

Parental Controls & Device Management

Set Policy driven controls on screen time, content access and usage quotas
Set individual controls without affecting other users

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